Sunday, October 30, 2011

16 Months

Baby girl, you are 16 months old today and time is moving too fast.  You constantly want to be like your big sis and sit on the potty, use a fork and spoon, get your hair done, and try and put your socks on all by yourself.  We are seeing your little personality develop and it’s fun to see the differences between you and Katie.  While you are still our happy, sweet girl you also are getting quite the tude.  When you get mad or frustrated, you are very vocal about it and can throw quite the tantrum.  Most of the time you snap out of it with a clever distraction but occasionally nothing works and we have to just ignore you for a while.  

 You are walking and running all over but your favorite thing to do this month is climb up and down on the couch and into Katie’s bed.  You are quite the monkey and smart about it too!  The other day at Sharry’s you wanted to get up on the window seat so you figured out how to move the lego table over and use that as a step to get where you wanted to be.  You definitely know how to make mommy nervous!  

You are starting to talk more but still aren’t saying too many understandable words.  You make a lot of sounds and signs though so we can usually understand what you are trying to communicate.  Your facial expressions also say a lot.  You have perfected the scowl expression and go back and forth between that and your adorable gummy, two teeth smile.   

In the sleep department, you are still inconsistent with your wake up time.  Sometimes you are ready to go at 5:30 and other times you sleep until 6:30.  We have also made the transition from two naps to one.  There are some days when you still take a morning nap but for the most part you are down to one and it is usually a good 2 hour one which I love.  

You love playing with your big sister and there are times when I will just stop and listen to you both on the monitor.  Of course you have your moments and fight but we are working on sharing toys without hitting or pushing.  

Sweet Carly, we love you so much and are so proud of all of your accomplishments! And I just had to add this picture of Katie that I love so much.  You are growing up way to fast sweets Garner!

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