Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our Little Piggy

Halloween was a lot of fun this year.  Katie was a an adorable piggy who figured out the whole trick or treating thing very quickly.  It went something like this:

Kt as we left the driveway and headed down the street: "daddy hold my hand"

First stop was our neighbor, Joe and Kay's house.  Joe was dressed up as a skeleton so there was a little hesitation but then our big girl walked right up to him. 
Mommy:  "Kt, what do you say?"
Kt: "oink oink, trick or treat"
Mommy, after candy had been given: "now what do you say Kt...."

Kt: "trick or treat"  (so the thank you thing took some practice)
Daddy: "Kt, what do you think?

Kt: "let's do more!"


Carly was not a big fan of Halloween this year.  She didn't want to wear a costume so I tried going for the piggy and little farm girl thing.  It was cold and she got fussy in the stroller and we didn't even attempt to let her walk up to the door because she is in the clingy stage right now.  Her favorite part of the night was when we got home and she got to "sort" the candy.  

And just so everyone would see that I let Katie have some candy I made her put the evidence in the picture. 

On Sunday we carved our pumpkin and had a lot of fun. 

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