Friday, October 28, 2011

Potty Training - Take 333

We have been trying to potty train Katie for months now and have not had any luck.  She would have good days at Sharry's and then fall apart at home.  She would be excited to be a big girl and wear panties and then she would cry when we even mentioned the word potty.  She wanted to be like her big kid friends at school but then be content wearing diapers.  I told myself to be be patient and that she would do it when she was ready, but of course I was ready to be down to one diaper wearing child.
That all seemed to change yesterday at Sharry's when I arrived to pick her up and found her thrilled to be wearing big girl tinker bell panties.  She had been dry all day and Sharry and her friends were all very proud of her.  I sent Jeff a text on the way home saying "I guess we are potty training this weekend" and he responded with "oh shit".   I wasn't quite ready to do the whole panty thing but I also wanted to take advantage of the sudden enthusiasm.  So we got home and low and behold my big girl went potty twice without any resistance!
This morning I got the rags and Kids n Pets ready and we started up again.  She went potty and got to wear her big girl panties.  So far we have had two accidents but luckily she was wearing those training pants that are cotton and have an absorbent lining so the clean up was easy.  And the best part was she pooped in the potty which has been the biggest struggle of all!  She is one very proud little girl and I am one happy mommy.  Now, I am just keeping my fingers crossed the enthusiasm continues so I can say one down, one to go.... :)

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