Friday, July 8, 2011

Bye Bye Formula

We are done with the crazy expensive formula that Carly has been on for 10 months and have transitioned her to regular, good ole fashioned whole milk! She is doing great with it and we are so excited and relieved that she doesn't have any lasting food allergies. We started the switch about three weeks ago by mixing her formula with whole milk. She had no problem with the taste difference and is now drinking regular milk in a cup with all of her meals. She still takes a bottle in the morning and right before bedtime but once this last can of formula is gone she will be getting 100% regular milk.

It's hard to believe that 10 months ago we were in the hospital with our baby girl and worried about her losing too much weight. Wednesday when she went in for her one year old well child exam she was off the charts in all areas, including her head! She is 26.6 pounds and 31 inches which put her above the 95th percentile. I knew she was a big girl because she is wearing 18 months clothes already. I have been a little worried about her rapid growth, but our pediatrician wasn't too concerned and said that she should slim down now that she is walking and a regular diet.

She also loves regular food and only eats baby food as a supplement to the things she can't chew. She still only has her two little bottom teeth but is doing really well with chewing. She had papaya for the first time and loved it. Some of her other favorite foods include bananas, peas, carrots, grilled cheese sandwiches, and MumMums.

This weekend the Garner's will be relaxing after having three weeks of very busy schedules. Today we are off the library and to do some shopping for Jeff's upcoming 40th birthday. I got this wonderful idea from another mommy blog and I can't wait to have Katie do it. Have a great weekend everyone!

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