Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scary Time

When I wrote the previous entry about Carly and I having a bad day, I had no idea that our bad day would get much worse and that my baby would end up in the hospital for a week. Little ones are fragile and Jeff and I learned that quickly when Carly got so dehydrated we had to take her to the ER to get IV fluids on Saturday. That was September 4th and finally a 9 days later she is home and back to her normal, happy, healthy self.

In the end we know she just got a really bad virus but the doctors were never able to figure out what one. In the beginning her biggest problem was dehydration because she was pooping out more than she was taking in. That was the scariest part because most children start improving after a few days of IV fluids but Carly wasn't. They started doing a lot of tests to rule out other problems including a milk protein intolerance, but luckily everything came back negative. Finally our Pediatrician decided to give her tummy a rest for 36 hours which was the turning point for Miss Carly. Her pooping slowed dramatically and we were able to slowly introduce formula.

She refused it at first but finally got hungry enough to start eating and thankfully she started pooping normally. We have never been so excited to see mustard colored, seedy baby poop!

After 7 nights in the hospital, she was released this past Sunday and we were all together again.
I spent every night with her and it made me so appreciative of my girls' health. I can't even imagine what it is like for parents of children with chronic illnesses. Seeing your baby get poked over and over is awful especially when the doctors can't figure out what is wrong with her. Needless to say, we both cried a lot this past week. My sweet girl did give me some smiles throughout the week which helped my spirits tremendously.

Katie also felt the stress of things but thanks to my in-laws and wonderful friends she got a lot of one on one attention. Jeff also came home almost every night to be with Katie and do her normal evening routine. I missed her like crazy but Jeff sent me videos like the one below which helped a lot.

Now we are all home and getting back into our normal routine. I was supposed to return to work last Tuesday but tomorrow will now be my first day back and Carly's first day at Sharry's. I am a little nervous about her immune system but luckily Sharry only has a few kids on Fridays and I know she will watch out for my baby. Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and support these past two weeks. Hopefully, we will never have to go through something like that again.


Janelle said...

I just tear reading this post. I am just so thankful for my healthy children and so glad you can say the same today.

shannon said...

Thought about you guys constantly! SO glad Carly is doing better!
Love ya!

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