Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back to Normal

Things have settled down and we are figuring out our new routine with me working part time (Monday, Tuesday, and Friday's). Carly is doing great at Sharry's but Katie is having a little harder time adjusting. I think in Kt's mind Sharry has always been her place and now she is having to share it with her sister. This has resulted in some seriously dramatic meltdowns and I wish I had a picture because it's sad and yet funny. It's so hard being a toddler and learning that things don't always go the way you want them to. Katie also felt the stress from Carly being sick and me being gone for a week so I have been trying to spend more one on one time with her and get us back into our normal routine. Today I might try to get to a park but I have to admit it is hard taking two little ones anywhere. However, our sunny days are going to be gone soon so I need to take advantage of the the few we have left.

Getting out and about now is a little easier now that Carly is taking a bottle. I was exclusively breastfeeding but when Carly got sick she stopped eating her normal amount. Because of everything that was going on with her I didn't have time to pump as much as I needed to so consequently my supply dropped. Then she went into the hospital and the nurses told me to go ahead and keep nursing her which I did. Well I didn't realize that she was mostly just sucking and not actually eating so again my supply dropped and I wasn't pumping enough. As breastfeeding mamas know, it is all about supply and demand. The more your little one eats, the more milk your body makes. Well my body thought it didn't need to make as much anymore and by the time I got a hospital pump and tried to get my supply up it was too late. I was really disappointed and felt very guilty for not being able to keep breastfeeding her through her first year (which was my goal). However, my pediatrician told me that even just 4 oz of breast milk can give a baby the immunity boost that I was most concerned about. I was thrilled because I knew I could still give her some breast milk and then just supplement with formula. Plus I wouldn't have to pump at work three times a day, three days a week which was a big relief for me. So now I am breastfeeding in the morning and at night and giving her formula in between and baby girl is eating like crazy! I am hoping sure she has gained back the pound she lost in the hospital but I won't know until we go in for a follow up doctors appointment next week. These pictures are her sitting in her bumbo seat for the first time. She wasn't sure at first and her neck still needs to get a little stronger but I think she will love being able to sit up and look around.

And of course I had to include Miss Katie in her Seahawks outfit. She normally won't wear a dress but since this one was for the football game she loved it. She kept running around the house yelling "touchdown" and "Go Seahawks!"....yes, her daddy has trained her well.

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