Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Carly Follow Up

Carly and I just got home from a follow up appointment with her pediatrician. She has almost gained back the pound she lost and is back up to 13lbs 6oz (She was 13lbs 7oz at her two month well child). So, even thought she hasn't gained any weight in a month our doctor said not to worry because she was on the high side. Other than that everything checked out and she is doing great. We never did know what the virus was but I am just relieved that is behind us and we have our girl back.

In the milestone department I am thrilled because she has started sleeping through the night! For the last 4 nights she has slept from about 7:30-5:00. She isn't the best napper but Katie wasn't either and I will take good night time sleep over naps any day. She is also starting to talk a lot and giggle at us. She loves watching Katie and will often smile at her the most. Katie is still learning how to be gentle with her sister so she has to be constantly protected. Other than that things are going well and we are enjoying our busy life. This weekend Jeff and I are going on our first date night since Carly was born and we are really looking forward to it. I think we are going to go watch the Husky game somewhere and enjoy some good food, good beer, and each other!


shannon said...

Sounds like an awesome date to me...something Dusty and I would totally do! :) Have a blast, and well deserved time away together!

Janelle said...

I love a baby on the high side. It gives them a little wiggle room. I hope the date night went well and I love the look of your blog.

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