Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Big 40

Jeff turns 40 today and we are having a fun day of celebrating.

Katie was so excited this morning because I told her that when she wakes up it will be daddy's birthday.  So first thing she wanted to do was give daddy his presents that she picked out for him at the Dollar Store.

It was a lot of fun shopping with her, but the concept of gift giving is still a work in progress.  We had a few almost  meltdowns because she wanted to keep putting toys that she wanted in her basket.  But what can you 2 and a half it is really hard to understand that the goal is  to pick things out for others and not yourself.  I am sure that next year she will really start to "get it".  In the meantime daddy got some very nice "presents" (toys) this morning and it was so sweet seeing Katie so excited to give them to him.  Later on she said "daddy, I will share with you." (at least she understands that concept)

Now we are off to breakfast at IHOP...and then later tonight I have planned a semi surprise gathering for Jeff.  More to come about that. 

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband and daddy!


Anonymous said...

SOOO sweet :))

eLiZaBeTh said...

Happy birthday, Jeff!! I love the Dollar Store shopping...she is so cute:) Don't worry, I think Reese still has a hard time when she has to buy a gift for someone else, although she understands it now. The girls are so beautiful & I love them...just like I love their momma:)

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