Friday, June 3, 2011

Katie's Favorite Things

I've been neglecting Katie on the blog lately so I thought I would give an update on what is going on in her world.

  • My little girl loves playing outside.  Her favorite thing right now is to help mommy pull weeds.  I pull them and she puts them in the bucket.  Of course she also pulls things that are meant to stay but I can't be picky with my landscaping assistance. 

  • She loves reading especially books from the library.  We go ever three weeks or so and stock up on new stories.  She amazes me because we can read it to her only a couple times and then I will hear her "reading" it back to her babies or Carly.  I hope her love of reading continues. 

  • She loves playing pretend.  Many times I will hear her through the monitor having conversations in her room with "Sarah", "Maxie", or one of her many stuffed animals.  The other night she played back a whole discipline scenario with Sarah telling her to go sit in timeout and how it's not ok to hit Carly.   Hmmm, I guess she really is listening when we have those little talks. 
  • First Braids.  Her hair is getting longer and she has the best natural curls.  We still haven't cut it and I don't think we will for a while.

  • Music is one of her favorite things.  She loves to sing and will just make up random songs.  She loves going to Music Class on Saturday mornings and playing with the instruments and shakers.  This video isn't the best quality but the audio is precious.  We often sing "Puff the Magic Dragon" before bedtime and this is her singing it with me.  

  • We are so blessed to still have a great sleeper and she amazes us by going to bed easily.  Occasionally, we get a little protesting but it is easy to overcome.  We do something called Pillow Talk every night before bed and it is just some one on one time to talk about our day and what is coming up tomorrow.  My hope is that as she gets older this will be a good time for her to share what is on her mind and open up to mom and dad. 
Those are just a few things that Sweets Garner has been up to lately.  She is two and a half  and testing boundaries every day.  But she also has some very sweet moments where Jeff and I just look at each other and think, wow, we love her!  
Have a great weekend everyone! We have a busy weekend ahead with a trip to Seattle on Sunday to walk in the girls first ever Race for the Cure.  And it is going to be sunny!  It should be a great weekend!

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