Monday, May 30, 2011

First Tooth...Finally

Carly is 11 months old today and is finally getting her first tooth!  I felt them poking through the gum on Saturday and yesterday she was very vocal about the discomfort they were causing.  Luckily she is not having any trouble sleeping at night and is dealing with the pain in typical Carly fashion; happy and easygoing.  I can't believe she is almost a year old and will be walking any day now. 

Babies grow up so fast and this first year goes by way to quickly but I have really tried to slow down and enjoy this time with my baby.  Because she is an early riser, we usually have about an hour in the morning that is just mommy and Carly time.  I love this time together.  She gets to have her voice heard without big sister taking over, she gets my undivided attention, and I get my cuddle time in.  It really is my most favorite part of the day. 


In other happenings we had a wonderful weekend at home enjoying the brief moments of sunshine.  We checked out the Ski to Sea parade downtown on Saturday.  It was mostly cloudy but the sun came out when we got there.  Because we have not had any sun this spring I didn't even think to put sunscreen on the girls or take hats.   So poor Katie got some sun and Carly had to be shaded by daddy's body.

Katie's favorite part of the parade was the bands....she said she wants to play the drums.
It was a great family fun weekend!

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