Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend Jeff and I were able to have our first overnight getaway in over two years thanks to our two amazing friends, Janice & Glenn and Linda!  We went to The Wild Iris Inn in La Conner, Washington and it was the perfect place to relax, sleep, and reconnect!  Having two small children really has a way of putting a strain on a marriage because you are always putting your children first and sometimes you have to remember to put your spouse first.  This weekend was a way for us to do that....focus on each other and remember why we fell in love in the first place.  And while I think date nights are very important, one night away was so rejuvenating because there wasn't any pressure.  I knew the girls were in very capable hands so I didn't worry about them at all.  Instead, I laughed with my husband, walked hand in hand through town, read the entire O magazine, slept in until 8:00, and laid in bed until 9:00am.  It was perfect!  Unfortunately I don't have many pictures from our weekend but I think the few I have say it all.