Monday, June 20, 2011

Grandpa Bennett

Sometimes I wish my blog was more creatively written, but every time I sit at the computer to write I end up just updating everyone about our life.   Oh well, it is what it is, and until I have the time and energy to write entertaining, funny, or inspiring posts I will just keep you all in the loop about what is happening with the Garner Family.  

A week ago today I got the news that my grandpa had suddenly passed away.  He was my dad’s dad and while I wasn’t very close to him as an adult, I have many wonderful memories of him as a child.  He was the grandpa who spoiled me by introducing me to chewing gum at a very young age, taking  me to my first professional baseball game (it was the Denver Zephyrs at the time), and always sending me two dollar bills (walking around money) for every holiday imaginable.  We had a lot of Sunday dinners together and for some reason the only thing I remember having was pot roast.   We spent a lot of time at grandma and grandpa’s house and even lived there briefly when we moved back to Colorado from a short stay in Chicago.  Unfortunately, my goldfish, Birdie, didn’t survive the trip and was  buried in a Frosted Flake box behind that little green house I remember so clearly.  Grandpa will be greatly missed but the memories are plenty and I will hold on to every one of them.   

The service was Thursday and Carly and I flew back to Denver on Wednesday morning.  It was a quick decision and while flying with an almost one year old who is constantly on the move was crazy, I decided to take her because:
  1.  I knew it would make things easier (logistically and mentally) for Jeff 
  2. My dad has never met his granddaughters and this was an opportunity for him to at least meet one of them.   
  3. A very happy, joyful baby has a way of making everyone smile even during a sad occasion
  4. Her plane ticket was free
Grandpa Ron holding Carly for the first time....she obviously wasn't sure at first but she got happy quickly

Family dinner with the Pope at Bucca Di Peppos

One tired baby

summer time outfit...probably the only time she will wear it since we aren't having summer here in northwest

Now that we are home I am very glad we went.  It was wonderful seeing all of my family, my best friend Elizabeth and her daughter Reese, and my second parents, Sharon and Don.   Carly didn’t do so well on the actual flights, but she did amazingly well the rest of the trip.  Katie was great while I was gone and even daddy survived.  Now, I am quickly unpacking, doing laundry, and getting organized to leave again this Wednesday.  I will be going to California for a work conference and daddy will be Mr. Mom to both girls this time.  After this week, daddy is going to need a vacation.  

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