Friday, June 10, 2011

My Forgotton Hobby

I really enjoy photography and at one point considered it my hobby.  In high school I was a photography editor for yearbook and I dreamed of having my own gallery someday.   I used to love just taking a drive and searching for old buildings or beautiful scenery to photograph.  I used to love photographing flowers with m y macro setting.  And when I moved to Washington and discovered the annual tulip festival, I was in heaven.

Then life changed and I became a wife and mommy and all of a sudden there just wasn't enough time to take pictures of anything else besides my kiddos.  Now I realize my dream to have a gallery probably won't happen, but my love for photography doesn't have to disappear.   This occurred to me on my birthday a few days ago when we were over at grammy and papa's house.  I had taken my camera and the golden evening sun was pouring into their dining room.   Katie was sitting at the table anxiously waiting for her piece of cake and  I started taking pictures from an artistic point of view instead of from a mommy wanting to capture milestones point of view.  I started just snapping away and when I checked the screen I was thrilled to see that I was able to get a few, spontaneous, natural shots that a mommy photographer dreams of.

So in addition to taking pictures for this blog I am also going to take pictures for fun and simply because I enjoy it.  My husband will be so excited now that  I have discovered not one but two hobbies, photography and gardening!  The garden post will be coming soon.....


Becky said...

These are BEAUTIFUL . . . priceless.

eLiZaBeTh said...

That's my always took wonderful pictures! I am glad to see that you are starting to do small things that bring you joy!

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