Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daddy Bonding Time

Last week I had to go out of town for work which meant Jeff was on daddy duty from Wed afternoon until late Friday night.  This was the first time I had been away from both of my girls for more than one night so of course I was a little nervous.  Jeff still had to work though so I organized a team of friends and family to help with the girls during the day.  Janice and Linda took a couple shifts during the day and the girls had a great time playing with them!  Sharry (daycare provider) who has been a lifesaver these past two weeks was flexible with her schedule and helped us out tremendously!  And of course we couldn't have done it without  PaPa and Grandma who were a huge help!  Thank you everyone.... knowing the girls were in very capable hands helped a lot with the worrying :)

While I am guessing Jeff doesn't want me to make traveling a regular occurrence, it did allow for some great bonding time between daddy and his girls.  I am the first one to admit that I have the tendency to be a bit controlling, but with me being away Jeff had the freedom to do what he wanted the way he wanted and guess what they not only survived, they thrived!  Note to self, I need to relax and go with the flow more. It really is ok that they ate the lasagna I made for three nights in a row.  It's ok that Katie ran around the backyard barefoot all of the time.  It's ok that Katie got to watch some tv in the evening while Jeff put Carly to bed.  And it's ok that Carly got a bedtime story before her bottle instead of after.  All was well with the Garner Girls! 


Megan said...

I love this post!!! I'm leaving for the first time next Thurs-Sun and I am dreading it, nervous and just don't know how I'm going to make 4 days without my little bug.

I do know however, it will be good for all of us and all will be well! Thank you so much for this post...haha, I needed it!

Glad the Garners are well!

Megan said...

...and i love the new layout.

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