Sunday, July 25, 2010

Breastfeeding Is Tough

This past week has been tough for Carly and I. After I took her to the Pediatrician Thursday and was told she was eating too much, I started nursing her from only one side and letting her set the pace. Most books and things you read online say you should breastfeed for about 15 minutes and then switch sides and since that worked for Katie that is what I was doing for Carly. Well, Carly is a more efficient eater so she was finishing in 10-15 minutes and after the first day of our new feeding method I thought things were better. She wasn't spitting up as much and she seemed more content after a feeding. Friday came and we took Katie to Sharry's and Carly and I had the day to ourselves. She slept most of the day and the feedings were about 3-4 hours apart compared to the 2-3 that the books tell you to go. Needless to say, I had some engorgement issues and by Friday evening I had a fever and was achy and cold. I realized I had a plugged milk duct and started trying to nurse Carly more often (which is about the only treatment). The problem with that is that she isn't supposed to be eating that much but yet I needed to get the milk out. Breastfeeding is tough!

Yesterday I was miserable with a fever of 101 and was in significant pain. Thank goodness it was a Saturday and Jeff was home to help with Lil Miss who happily played outside most of the day. Luckily, this morning I am feeling better and am fever free so far and the pain is much better. Now, we just have to get Carly better. She is still spitting up a lot and fusses after her feedings. I'll be calling the doctor tomorrow about getting her on medicine for reflux.


eLiZaBeTh said...

oh, you poor thing!!! I feel so bad for you:( Too much milk, too much feeding, too much spit up...yikes! Definitely call your doctor, sometimes that reflux medicine is all you need to turn things around. I will call you tomorrow. Love you!!!

Janelle said...

I was in the same boat as you this second time around. My awesome lactation nurse told me to take Motrin to help the swelling to go down, put olive oil on the side that is clogged to help pull the milk out easier, to pump just like one ounce out to just get it unclogged a little, and put ice in my bra to also help the swelling go down. I did all this and things got a lot better. I still fed E every three hours during the day, but my body did adapt. Okay, this comment is TMI.

Andrea and Jeff said...

Thanks Janelle! I actually felt a lot better yesterday and by today everything was back to normal. Now if only I could get Carly happy. We started medicine for reflux today which I am hoping helps.

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