Friday, July 30, 2010

First Month

Today our little Carly is one month old! In some ways it has gone by quickly like everyone says it does, but in other ways I am in survival mode and just trying to get through each day. The first two weeks were our honeymoon phase and right when Jeff went back to work is when things got a lot more challenging. Carly developed reflux and while it has improved, it still is causing her a lot of discomfort and giving me a lot of laundry. She is somewhat colicky and no matter what Jeff and I do she just cries which is very hard to deal with. Luckily, we are figuring out some ways to comfort her but sometimes I just have to remind myself that I have done everything I can and she is just going to cry. I also decided to try a pacifier but she hasn't totally figured it out and I am not sure if she even likes it at this point. We will keep trying though because when she is really upset it does comfort her. Our pediatrician says that this is fairly common and 6 weeks is the peak so I am just hanging in there with some good days and some really bad days.

The rest of the family is doing very well. Katie is great and being a wonderful big sister. She has a little jealousy but luckily it is fairly easy to deal with by me giving her as much attention as I can when Carly is sleeping. I am also encouraging her to help me as much as possible and right now she loves helping me burp Carly, swaddle her, and carry her car seat. Katie is also going to Sharry's once or twice a week which has been a lifesaver even though it is a lot of driving (almost 2 hours round trip). Grandpa is also helping out a lot by playing with Katie in the backyard and watching her during the times I take Carly to the doctor.

And mommy and daddy...well we are hanging in there. And while I was planning on writing more, Carly is awake and wanting to be fed.

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