Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Newborn Guessing Game

So I actually have both girls still sleeping this morning and am able to enjoy my bowl of cereal and cup of coffee in least for a few minutes.

Last night went really well and we think we have found a solution to the spitting up problem, or at least a way to make it better. Since Carly was doing it after almost every feeding and multiple times I decided to take her in to the doctor. Well they weighed her and to my surprise she was 10lbs 9oz! So, obviously my chunky monkey was getting plenty of food, and actually she was getting too much. Our pediatrician said that some babies just don't know when to turn it off and it looks like Carly is one of those babies. Since I am breastfeeding I have no idea how much she is eating so I just kept her feeding her based on time and most books say to go 15 minutes on each side. Well, it looks like I have a very efficient eater who doesn't need to eat that long so I was told to only feed her from one side, don't worry about waking her up to eat, and don't force her to keep eating. It looks like her little tummy was just getting too full and therefore the milk would come back up.

I am happy to report that just since that visit things have improved and I am keeping my fingers crossed that that is her only problem. If not, she will have to go on reflux medicine but I don't think that's going to happen.

And now my time is up...Chunky is ready to eat but at least it only takes her 12-14 minutes now compared to the hour it took Katie.

I also got some pictures taken this past week but, unfortunately I didn't get any of my aunt and uncle that were in town from Montana. We had a very nice visit though and it was great seeing them.

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Janelle said...

Yeah! I am so glad that you found a great solution. My body did the same thing this second time around and E only eats for 10-15 minutes. Way to go, chunky monkey!

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