Thursday, May 20, 2010

She Makes Me Smile

Every day this little one brings so much joy into my life.

Yes I am feeling very sentimental this morning...blame it on the pregnancy hormones. I have always loved kids and always knew I would be a mom, but I never expected to feel such a deep, unconditional love like I do for my little girl (soon to be girls). Katie is such a sweetheart and every day she is doing something that makes Jeff and I smile and laugh and love her even more. Yesterday she and I were at Costco standing in a ridiculously long line and I was thinking she would have a meltdown any moment because it was close to lunch and nap time. Instead my sweet little girl happily played with the vitamin bottle and said hi to everyone around us. Then when she got bored with that she quietly started sucking her thumb and rested her head on my arm. It made my heart melt! And after standing there for a good ten minutes we were both tired and ready to be home but my little Katie was so patient and sweet and then happily said "hi" to the cashier when it was finally our turn. I love her so much!


eLiZaBeTh said...

You know what is crazy? when you love your friend even more than you already did before when you get to see her being such a good momma. I love Katie so much because I love you so much.

Man, I miss you so much!

Andrea and Jeff said...

Thats not crazy at all and reading your comment made me cry. I miss you too and wish we could be mommies together in the same city. I sure hope you get up here to the northwest this summer. It would be so wonderful to see you!

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