Wednesday, May 12, 2010

34 Weeks

I can't believe we only have 6 more weeks before Carly is here with us! As we left the Dr's office today it really hit me....I am soon going to be the mommy to two beautiful girls. It's also hard to believe that Katie is going to be a big sister. My little baby is about to become the oldest. She knows that something is different about mommy and she points at my tummy and says "Carly" but in reality I don't think she has any idea how much life is about to change. I am doing my best to talk about the new baby and she is responding by really getting into playing with her dolls. I just don't know how, or even if you can prepare a 16 month old for the type of change that is coming her way. I want to give her a lot of attention now since I won't be able to as much after Carly is born, but then again I want to encourage her independence as well. It's a fine balance and isn't that what parenting is all about?

In the meantime, I cherish moments like this where she holds still for more than 5 seconds and cuddles with Jeff or I.

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eLiZaBeTh said...

I just saw your new Abraham Lincoln quote...brought tears to my eyes. I am glad that you put it on your blog. Love you.

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