Thursday, May 27, 2010

36 Week Appointment

All is well with Carly which was a BIG relief for Jeff and I. Today we met with Dr. Cook and everything is fine. I am measuring on target at 36 weeks, am still about 1 cm dilated, and baby Carly is head down ready to go. He said that I could go into labor at any time or it might be closer to my due date or even really there is no way to know. We are just going to be ready and whenever she comes she comes. I guess that means I better get my hospital bag packed. :)


sdeuell said...

Thanks for the update, you look SO healthy! Where did your bangs go???

Andrea and Jeff said...

Thanks Sharon! I decided the bangs were not for me. I liked the way they looked but didn't like the maintenance involved so I am growing them out.

eLiZaBeTh said...

You look lovely my that color on you! Glad to hear that everything is going well!

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