Monday, February 22, 2010

Swimming and Sunglasses

Katie had her first of four swimming lessons on Saturday and she absolutely loved it! Jeff got in the pool with her and at first both she and daddy weren't so sure, but then as the class progressed they were both smiling and really enjoying themselves. Jeff was a little uncomfortable with all of the silly songs and "circle time activities" but once Katie started laughing and talking more he loosened up and they both didn't want swim lessons to end. I watched from the side and got the lucky job of getting a squirmy, wet one year old dried off, diapered and dressed in a crowded locker room with no place to lay her down. I am going to have to get creative on how we do that next week.

Later that afternoon we did some BBQ'ing and let Katie explore the backyard. She had so much fun walking all around and checking things out. She especially loved grandpa's ladder and the sound it made when she ran her fingers down the metal.

We have been having the most beautiful sunny weather so we figured with spring coming up it would be a good idea to get Lil Miss some sunglasses. We got ones that have a velcro band around the back so she can't get them off easily (although she did figure out how to pull them down). We are most definitely biased but I think she is one cute baby in shades!

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eLiZaBeTh said...

OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. the picture of her in the pink jumper with her hands by her face?? too cute for words! I love her! Those sunglasses are hilarious by the way. We will really need those here in the land of the eternally bright sun. It is freezing here & has been snowing a ton. Durango got 48" of snow this weekend, we just got a couple of inches here. At least the snow covers the dry grass! lol. love you!

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