Thursday, February 25, 2010

Teething - Round 2

We have entered the second round of teething. Unfortunately Lil Miss still only has two little chompers coming, in but by the way she is acting you would think she was getting a mouth full of teeth. She is crying a lot and just wants to be in her mommy's arms and suck her thumb so that was how we spent a large portion of our day yesterday. Luckily she is sleeping well (thanks to baby Motrin) and even took a 2 hour nap yesterday which she never does. We also went over to our neighbors house for a little playdate which was a lot of fun. The 3 kiddos played and the other mommy and I talked about what else, our kids. It was a good distraction for Katie and she had fun playing with some different toys. Next week we will be hosting at our house and I will try and remember to take some pictures.

So as I sit here enjoying my decaf coffee and eating my cereal before the sun has even come up, I am reminding myself that today is a new day. Hopefully Lil Miss will wake up happy and cheerful and back to her old self. And if she doesn't, than I will get a second day of cuddles....which I think can handle.

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eLiZaBeTh said...

You are so cute, you little morning momma! I'm sure not crabby in the morning like I used to be, but morning in just not my time of, late at night? I am ready to rock & roll! Which usually means reorganizing the kitchen or folding laundry in the wee hours...miss you! love you!

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