Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gone Vertical

It has been so fun watching Katie learn to walk. Each day she gets more and more confident in her abilities. Within the last few days she has really started walking to go places and it is so cute. She holds her arms out for balance and then just waddles away. I love it!

In this video she walks over to Ozzy and REALLY wants to pet him but he is not interested. For some reason he still prefers to watch her from a distance and whenever she comes close he runs in the opposite direction. There are a few exceptions to this. If Jeff or I are petting him he will usually sit still while Katie invades. The other time is if Katie has something that Ozzy likes, like an empty yogurt cup, then he will "play" with her. We don't let them do this much though because sometimes Ozzy gets a little rough and doesn't understand that she is still little. If only Ozzy wasn't afraid of her, and hadn't been since the day we brought her home, I think they would have been best buds. Lets hope he does better with CC.


eLiZaBeTh said...

I can't tell if she is saying "doggie" or "Ozzy." She'll come up with a name for him...which is why poor Jazmine is now "Mao" which makes perfect sense since this is what the cat says, "maow" The name just stuck and she totally responds to it like it is her real name. She & Reese are totally friends, expect when Reese tried to put a bathing suit on the cat. no, not friends that time!

shannon said...

What a great video! That's so cute! She is getting so big! WOW!

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