Monday, December 14, 2009

Quiet Weekend

Not much happened this weekend. We just stayed home and enjoyed the wintry, snowy weather. We decided not to put up a Christmas tree this year but did decorate in other ways including the outside. Katie is just way too into things right now and Jeff and I didn't want to constantly be telling her no and pulling her away from the tree. So, the tree will come back out next year when Katie can understand more and CC probably won't be mobile yet so it will be perfect.

We didn't barbecue this weekend (thankfully) and instead I convinced Jeff to eat crab with me. I had been craving it for the past week or so and when I saw whole dungeness crab on sale for $3.99/lb I just couldn't resist. When I was growing up we used to have crab legs on Christmas Eve which was a tradition I love. However, getting good, fresh crab in Colorado was a lot harder than here in Bellingham. I am not sure what kinds of traditions Team Garner will develop over the years, but there will definitely be some passed down from when I was growing up and crab just might be one of them.

Yesterday we also attempted to do a little family photo shoot for our Christmas cards. Getting Katie to smile for the camera is difficult in itself but getting her to do it when the camera is on a tripod is even harder. After three sessions we did manage to get one of all of three of us actually looking at the camera....the smile will have to wait until next year. While, I won't show you the ones we picked (what fun would that be), I will show you some of the other shots we captured.

Poor Ozzy, Katie really wanted to grab his ears.

He tolerated it very well

Please, mommy, no more pictures!!!!


eLiZaBeTh said...

oh, that last one is too much. She is hilarious. I am thinking that I miss my little Katie and maybe she'd like to see her Auntie Bethie sometime in the beginning of July?

Andrea and Jeff said...

I am thinking that she, and I would LOVE that! Let's talk dates a little later because I think my aunt is going to come out and help with the new baby. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to have you come visit though!

Jenn said...

Love love love the Christmas background!

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