Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last Well Baby Check

Katie had her 12 month appointment today. It was a few weeks ahead of schedule but with the holidays that is just how it worked out. My Little Miss really is little and only weighed in at 19lbs 15oz which put her in the 30th percentile for weight. Her length however, was 30 inches which put her in the 90th percentile. I guess she is just tall and skinny. The Dr. wasn't worried about it though so that means I won't be either. I think she is just so active that she burns off all the calories she eats. Still no teeth but I am sure that will happen eventually. Some other things she is doing now include:
  1. Pulling up on everything and taking steps from one thing to another but won't quite do it without holding on to something
  2. Talking (babbling) all of the time. Still hasn't said a first word per say but she makes a lot of noises and will respond almost like she is carrying on conversation.
  3. Copies other people. Her latest is yawning. We noticed one night that she would yawn whenever daddy and I yawned which then turned into a fun game. Now in the evening we never know what is a real yawn or what is a fake yawn. It's so funny.
  4. Exploring EVERYTHING!!!! Just last night she discovered the DVD's and proceeded to scatter those all over the living room floor. She also loves the tupperware drawer but her absolute favorite thing to play with are the cookie sheets. She will sit on them, bang them together, and slide them all across the floor.
  5. Loves peek a boo, playing on the couch, and being startled.
So the well baby checks are over and my little girl has moved on to well child exams. I am amazed how much she has learned this past year. It is so hard to believe that a year ago we were in the middle of a major snow storm and I was scared, nervous, excited, and ready to pop. All I could think about was I hope my little girl waits until the roads clear up before she decides to come into this world. Now, a year later I am chasing that little 1 year old all around and expecting her baby brother/sister in June. Where does the time go?

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