Thursday, December 10, 2009

CC Pictures

I had my second appointment with Dr. Cook on Tuesday and I meant to post this yesterday but Katie and I didn't have a good day and she was testing all of my mommy patience. I am 12 weeks along as of today, and our lil bean (aka CC) is growing and doing great. It's funny how different these appointments are than the ones with Katie. Before Jeff and I could both just stare at he picture on the screen and be in awe of all the tiny movements our 11 week old baby was making. This time, Katie was scared and crying, Jeff was trying to make her happy, I was lying there trying to console my baby girl, and Dr. Cook was probably just thinking let's get this over with as quickly as possible so my office will be quiet again. :) It's just not quite the same but luckily everything is fine and I am starting to feel better which is good. I also didn't have any questions really so the appointment was quick. I will go back in a month for just a quick checkup and then the big date will be February 4 when we learn if CC is going to be Cole or Carly. Needless to say, Katie won't be joining us for that appointment.


eLiZaBeTh said...

hahaha. You had me laughing with this one...can't wait for February 4th!

shannon said...

Yay! So cute and exciting!!! :) My 12 week is Monday! I can't wait!

Janelle said...

So so sweet! I love the potential names of this little bean.

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