Monday, December 7, 2009

Bacon Explosion

Even though it was 30 degrees this weekend Jeff decided to do some barbecuing. And instead of doing the same old thing he decided to try the latest BBQ trend, a bacon explosion. When he described it to me I have to admit, I was kind of hesitant because it sounded way too rich. Jeff however, thought it was going to be great because it had bacon and sausage in it and he thought how can you go wrong with those two wonderful ingredients. Come Saturday evening after 5 hours of smoking in the cold the creation was ready. However, my tummy wasn't feeling that great so I didn't even end up trying it, but when Jeff did he discovered that more really isn't always better. The bacon explosion was too rich and greasy and maybe with some tweaks it could be better but for now I have a huge roll of fat in my refrigerator and who knows if it will be eaten. Here are some pictures from this weekends creation and even though it didn't taste good it was kind of fun to make.

And since I am talking about food I will also leave you with this meal time mess. Katie had spaghetti last night for dinner. She loved it but don't worry her face isn't was just the sauce all over that gave her that lovely bronze complexion. Luckily it was also a bath night which meant she headed straight into the tub after dinner was over. I am wondering if I should start teaching her to try and eat with a fork????


eLiZaBeTh said...

Bacon Explosion? Seriously? Is it sausages basket weaved with bacon?

Andrea and Jeff said...

pretty much...we did the bacon weave and then wrapped that around the sausage, pepperoni, cheese, and a little onion and mushrooms. It was way too unhealthy for me even if I was feeling normal.

Janice said...

I'm sorry, but that bacon explosion thing was OUT OF CONTROL!

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