Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our Little Bun in the Oven

I realized I forgot to share the story on the blog of how Jeff found out he is going to be a daddy again. Unfortunately, the video I had planned on showing didn't turn out because the remote didn't work when I went to hit the record button. I am still mad about that but what can you do.

We found out October 14. I really wasn't having any pregnancy signs and even though I was late, I didn't think anything of it because I am still breastfeeding. However, for some reason there was a little voice in my head telling me to take a pregnancy test. So, I was going to Costco that day and decided to get some there (FYI-they come in a four pack and it's the cheapest place to get them). Katie and I got home, she went down for her nap and I took the first one. They say it's best to take it in the morning but I couldn't wait at that point. One minute later the second line barely appears and I keep staring at it thinking, no way, this can't be happening! Of course the line didn't go away so I opened up the second package and took another one. Same result. My mind of course is racing and I am doing the math in my head thinking about how old Katie is going to be when this new little one is born. Finally I take the third test just to confirm and once again, two pink lines. Ok, it sinks in...I am pregnant, now how am I going to tell Jeff. I didn't want to just call him on the phone...that seemed so boring. I decided to wait until he came home from work and do something creative.

I got a hamburger bun and I put it on a plate in the oven. I set the video camera up and hid it under a towel so it could record his reaction (of course that didn't happen). Then when Jeff came home I told him I was making dinner and something was wrong with the oven, can he look at it. You would have thought this was a little strange because I didn't let him shower or anything...I made him look the second he walked in the door. He didn't notice though and just opened the door and stared at the bun. He says: "yeah, so there's a bun...." and I come back with "and it is in...." and he says "the oven". Still not getting it at this point. Finally, I put it all together for him and say "there is a bun in the oven....and I point to my stomach a bun in MY oven!" He just looks at me and exclaims "NO WAY!!!!!" It was perfect and I really wish the camera had worked. Katie woke up from her nap at that point and we told her too but she obviously didn't care. I am sure she will be feeling differently come June, but we are going to do our best at giving her all the care and attention she needs. I think we will just be split up a lot...Jeff with Katie and me with CC. 11 weeks today, only 203 more days to go.


shannon said...

Such a great story!!!! I still can't get over how close we are!!! :) So, so fun!!!!

Janelle said...

Oh that is so clever!

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