Monday, November 30, 2009

Lime Comparison

I am 10 weeks along and not feeling nearly as good as I did with Katie (aka Little G). CC has decided to take away my appetite and make me much more nauseous. When I do feel like eating I crave terribly unhealthy things like Pop Tarts, Cheetos, DQ Blizzards, and many other things I normally would never eat. Jeff is hoping that means CC is a boy but we won't know that for another month or so. In the meantime I realized I hadn't taken any pictures yet of this pregnancy (I guess that 2nd child, no picture thing is already starting...sorry CC). So, since I am 10 weeks and baby Garner is the size of a lime I thought I would get going on the picture taking and compare this pregnancy to the first one. I think I am a little bigger but this was also taken after I had just had turkey dinner and a piece of cake. :)


eLiZaBeTh said...

Good job taking the pictures of the 2nd one. Please take pictures of the 2nd one. I was the 2nd child and I have a half-finished baby book with like 8 pictures in it(sorry Mom!)

Janelle said...

You look great! That is so creative to put a little lime in the picture.

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