Sunday, November 1, 2009

Who Will Save Us....

Bat girl will! She is little but mighty.... she can't walk but she can fly....and she came to save her mommy and daddy!

Yes, Sweets was Bat girl for her first Halloween. She didn't mind her costume at all and she even kept her mask on. This new mommy and daddy decided to gradually work our way into the whole trick or treating thing by only visiting a few neighbors houses and then of course grandma and grandpa. I think Katie would have been happy to keep going though because she loved being outside and seeing all the people. Next year we might even will venture around the block.
Here are some more pictures from Katie's first Halloween.

Clapping for the camera

Returning home from our 5 minutes of trick or treating. We probably spent more time taking pictures.

Grandpa hanging out with Bat girl

Happy Halloween!

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