Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot in Washington

The pacific northwest isn't supposed to get into the 90's and definitely not the 100's but it is happening this week. Luckily, here in Bellingham it will be a little cooler than Seattle but when it is this hot a few degrees really doesn't make a difference. And unlike the dry heat I was used to in Colorado, here on the west coast we have a very humid heat. It wasn't so bad this weekend and we thought we could manage. However, the whole family got a cold (which explained Katie's crankiness on our walk last week) and we were all a little bit grumpy. The last thing you want when you already don't feel good is to be sticky and hot. Also, Jeff is having to work in this heat and there is nothing worse than sweating all day and being miserable only to come home to a hot house. Therefore, yesterday when I was at Costco I saw window air conditioners and thought we need one of those. After a quick phone call to my hubby in which he exclaimed, "yes, get one", I, and almost every other shopper, was out the door with my heat savior.

Fast forward a few hours to when Jeff gets home. He is about as miserable as one can be and he really doesn't want to install an air conditioner but we know it will be so much better than sitting in our 80 degree house. Therefore, Katie goes down for a nap and Jeff and I put the unit in the window. Of course these types of things are meant for windows that open up/down and ours open side to side. No problem, we can improvise and make it work. Well, the following is the result and when we finished all I could think was thank goodness it is on the back side of the house where nobody can see our mess.

Within a few minutes the house temperature dropped one degree and soon two degrees....we were thrilled! Of course we will be making it look better but for now we are just thankful to have some relief from the heat!

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