Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sweets isn't so sweet

Katie officially has a new nickname that I think will stick with her for a while. Katie is now called "Sweets" and Jeff is already dreaming of the day when she is on the softball field and he can yell "come on Sweets Garner!" It seems to fit her because she is very sweet and so least most of the time.

Today, we went for a walk around Lake Padden with Stacy and her daughter, Ella (Katie's little 8 month old friend). For some reason though Sweets didn't feel like walking and started crying about 10 minutes into our walk. Normally this means she is just tired so I figured she would go to sleep and I could enjoy some adult conversation. Nope...the crying just keeps getting stronger but we are half way around the lake so there is nothing I can really do. There is nothing worse for a first time mommy to have a crying baby who she can't console. I picked her up and carried her for a little while but that isn't easy when you are trying to push a stroller one handed while also carrying a 17 pound baby. Back in the stroller she went and the crying continued...finally I couldn't take it anymore and so I carried her the rest of the way back to the car while Stacy pushed her stroller and mine. Needless to say our relaxing stroll around the lake was a disaster and I have no idea why. Next week we decided to do a playdate at Stacy's house. Hopefully Sweets will be lot sweeter then.

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Jenn said...

Maybe she is starting to teethe?

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