Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why we swaddle

This is how the little miss was when I went in to get her after her nap. She always escapes her swaddle no matter how tight I make it. That is why I have ordered a Miracle Blanket. It is kind of like a baby straight jacket.. All the reviews I have read about it says it really works and babies can't get out of it. So that is exactly what Katie needs because as soon as she gets her little hand out she starts sucking away on it which wakes her up which then wakes me up. Let's hope it should arrive tomorrow. I can't wait!

And once she is awake and out of her swaddle the stretching begins and she is one happy girl

Her check up went great. The Dr. is not worried about her flat head (thank goodness because now I can stop worrying). She just said to keep her off of it as much as possible when she is awake and it will eventually round itself back out. She also is 25.25 inches and 14lbs 15oz which puts her in 95th percentile...she's making daddy proud! Everything else went great and she is very healthy. She got her shots and only cried during the poking. Now she is asleep (thanks to some Tylenol) and will hopefully wake up happy.

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eLiZaBeTh said...

OMG. OMG!!! I love this baby!!!!

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