Sunday, May 3, 2009

Swaddle Update

As I type this Katie is taking a nap for the first time unswaddled and she has been asleep for 20 minutes. I am hoping this might be a step in the right direction to weaning her off of the swaddle. However, at night we will still be swaddling because I am pretty sure that it helps her sleep longer. We received our Miracle Blanket (MB) on Thursday and I love it! We have had 3 good nights of sleep thanks to our little baby straight jacket. The first night she slept until 1:00, ate quickly and slept until 6:15 when I had to go wake her up. The other two nights haven't been quite that good but still a lot better than before we had the MB. I can't wait until the night I get 7 hours of sleep in a row!

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