Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Nothing major to report on this weekend so I thought I would just give some quick updates and of course show off some new pictures.

Sleeping Update: We had a terrible night Friday but I am going to blame it on the shots. For the first time since she was just a few days old I had to wake up Jeff to help me. Katie was up at 1:00 and then again at 3:00 only to stay awake and cry for an hour. At that point we gave up and I fed her again (at 4:00) and then she woke up again at 5:00. Luckily she made up for it on Saturday by sleeping straight through until 4:30! Since then she has been fairly consistent with only needing one nighttime feeding. When that feeding will occur is anyone's best guess. Some nights she will go until 3 or 4 while other nights she wants to eat at 1. Luckily she will usually go back to sleep quickly except for times like this morning where she woke up at 1:00 and then again at 5:30. After she at at 5:30 she played in her crib for 30 minutes and I finally got her back to sleep around 7:00. Babies are just so unpredictable.

Bottle Feeding: Katie digressed in this area because her mommy and daddy were slackers and did not give her a bottle for almost a whole week. Apparently she forgot how to take it because when Jeff tried both on Saturday and Sunday she screamed and wanting nothing to do with it. I tried yesterday and was successful two times so that was good. I am going to keep doing that all this week so hopefully by next Tuesday she will have it down.

Weekend Happenings: We finally had some nice weather this past weekend which was great because the whole family got to get outside. Grandma took Katie for a little walk on Saturday so I got to help Jeff out with some yardwork. On Saturday night Jeff and I watched a movie which was a first since little Miss was born. We watched Twilight because I just finished reading the book and was very excited to see the movie. As always though, the book was way better than the movie. Then on Sunday Katie and I went for a long walk while Jeff and his dad continued cleaning up from fall. It was so wonderful to see the sun and it made me even more anxious for spring and summer.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

I am still trying to use our sling and even more so now now because I want to keep her upright more since I think her head is getting too flat. I was successful this time and she was happy but I had to laugh because she sure didn't look very comfortable. I guess that's what happens when you have so many chins plus really chubby cheeks :)

It's hard to capture smiles on camera but REALLY we do get them. This, however, is her other favorite look...the I am just "chillaxin" mommy look.

Getting ready to head outside to watch daddy work in the yard. She likes this carrier only when she is tired. I think it will be better when she can hold her head up and can face forward

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eLiZaBeTh said...

I am laughing all over again...She is so so cute & you can tell that she has a sense of humor already! I just realized in the crib picture is totally wrapped up like a little burrito...does that blanket velcro?? I miss you, but I am glad that you moved to Bellingham...you found your life up there...and so how can I be sad? I just am because I want to give you a huggie (the version of "hug" in this house) and squeeze that baby's cheeks! lOVE YOU & I am proud of you:)

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