Saturday, March 28, 2009

Date Night

Jeff and I had a wonderful dinner date last night thanks to my great friend, Janice who watched our little munch. Thank you so much Janice! She and her husband, Glenn came over to play with Katie while daddy and I went to dinner. I almost started crying at dinner thinking about Katie and wondering how she was doing but I knew she was in good hands so I was able to stop those silly tears and enjoy the time with my husband. However, it did give me an idea of what Tuesday will be like when I drive away from Sharry's (childcare) without Katie in the backseat. I just hope my coworkers keep me busy.

But back to dinner....we went to a new resteraunt in Bellingham that is co-owned by a guy that Jeff works with. Ted, who was at our wedding, is from the south and wanted to bring some of that home cooking to Bellingham so him and his partner have opened The Back Porch Alley. If you live in Bellingham and like southern comfort food you NEED to try this place. They had a great menu with a nice selection. Of course it isn't the healthiest food but come on, you need to splurge every now and then. Jeff isn't a big fan of ribs but Ted talked Jeff into trying them and he LOVED them. He couldn't stop talking about how good they were all night long and even this morning he brought it up again. I had blackened salmon which was equally good with sweet potatoe fries. They have great side dishes to chose from including hush puppies, fried okra, and homemade macaroni and cheese. I know this is sounding like a restaurant review but we are hoping Back Porch Alley is successfull and makes it so check them out! They also have live music and next time we will take Katie because it was very kid friendly.

Katie did great while we were gone and according to Janice and Glenn didn't cry or even fuss which amazed Jeff and I. I know she is a pretty mellow baby but I figured she would cry a little. When I worked in childcare, I remember telling parents how good their babies were for me and they would seem shocked because they weren't that way at home. Well now I understand that from a parents perspective because as soon as Janice left Katie had a level 5 (on our 1-5 scale) crying session that was only stopped by a feeding followed by bedtime. Overall, it was a wonderful night out and one that Jeff and I really needed. Thanks again J & G!

And just for fun here are a couple more pictures of our little one:

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