Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our Little Munch

Babies sure end up with a lot of nicknames and Katie is no exception to this. My mom used to call me "munch" and I find myself calling Katie that along with squirt, little miss, poop-a-lot, and daddy calls her hiccup because she still gets them all of the time. I wonder which of these or what new ones will carry through to her childhood and beyond. On another note we are still trying to get her to take a bottle. This afternoon my friend Janice is coming over to attempt to give her one because everything I read says that mommy should not be the one giving it to her. We are also on our third type of bottle so hopefully she will like this one. I know she will eventually take it if she is hungry enough but I don't want my first day back at to be work spent worrying about whether or not she is crying and starving. And speaking of work, I return on March 31st which makes me both happy and sad. I am really nervous about leaving her at childcare, but I am also looking forward to getting some adult interaction again. Luckily her provider, Sharry is a wonderful woman who has been doing this for many years and came highly recommended by two friends of mine so I know Katie will be in good hands. I took Katie down to Mount Vernon on Tuesday to visit my office friends and we also stopped at Sharry's so she could meet her. I know she will be well taken care of but it isn't the same as mommy. And now just typing and thinking about that makes me start crying so I better stop.

We are so blessed to have such a beautiful little girl and I love watching her grow and change every day. These next two weeks are going to go by quickly but thankfully I am only going to be working two days a week so I will still have lots of time to be mommy which is the most important job of all.

Here are couple more pictures from this week. Yesterday we went for a walk with my friend Stacy and her daughter Ella and it was a gorgeous sunny day. Ella has an exersaucer and Katie tried it out and did surprisingly well in it. The second picture was taken right after she finished eating and she just fell alseep with her hands in the was pretty cute.

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