Monday, November 24, 2008

33 Weeks, almost 34

Here is our most recent picture of Baby Katie and I. She is moving so much right now and sometimes it gets painful but nothing too bad. I have started practicing my different positions that we learned in child birth class and am working on relaxing and slowing down my breathing. I decided to put an actual tummy shot in this post since I hadn't done that yet.

It's back to work for Jeff and I this week and it isn't easy getting back into your regular routine after being off for a week. Let's just say 5:00am came very early this morning. Although it did feel good to get back to the gym since I had taken all last week off. Not much else happening here in Bellingham. Football season has pretty much ended for Jeff since every one of his teams is either done for the season or might as well be. We were joking yesterday about that saying it must be God's way of ensuring that he can completely focus on his little girl that is about to come into this world.

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