Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 4th Weekend

My dad and Pepper were visiting this past weekend and it was great to have a few days with them.   We haven't seen each other since my wedding last year but that was a crazy time so this visit was a lot more more relaxing and not nearly as busy.  Unfortunately their flight was delayed for 3 hours in Chicago so they didn't arrive until late on Friday night.    We were going to go watch some Bham fireworks but instead we watched the Seattle ones on TV...not quite the same but it was still good.

Saturday was the first weekend day that Jeff and I got to sleep in our new house which was soooo nice!  Our wood window blinds were backorded but they finally arrived and we got them installed on Thursday so we were finally able to go to sleep in a dark room and not have the bright morning sun shine directly onto our pillows at 6:00AM.  After a relaxing morning at home and my dad cooking breakfast we headed into town to go to the Bellingham Farmers Market and get ice cream at Mallards, my favorite ice cream place ever!  That night I made a salmon dinner for everyone including my dad and Pepper, Jeff's parents, and Jeff's cousins who were visiting from British Columbia.   I was nervous cooking for 8 people but it all turned out great and everyone seemed to enjoy it or at least they made me think it was :)

Sunday my dad and Pepper went to church with us which meant a lot to me since my dad and I have never been to church together.  I didn't become a Christian until I moved out here to Bellingham and by then my dad was in Virginia and we didn't see each other much.  It was a great day of relaxing, having a BBQ lunch, napping, and then eating another yummy dinner togehter.  The whole weekend was great and now I am hoping and praying that everything works out and my dad can move out here to Washington.  They are spending this week looking for land in Walla Walla and then it will just be a matter of waiting for their farm to sell.  Hopefully Little G will get to know his grandpa because they will only be a 6 hour drive away instead of a  6 hour plane trip.

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