Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring Football

Saturday, sunshine, football, and Jake Locker....nothing could make Jeff happier. Yesterday was the annual Univeristy of Washington Purple and Gold game which means that Jeff gets to not only watch a live football game in April, but he also gets to see his favorite local boy from Ferndale. This was the second time that Jeff and I have gone to the game but plan on making it an annual tradition (at least while Jake is playing). We don't go to Seattle very often but when we do we like to make a day out of it.

After enjoying the football game in the beautiful sunshine we stopped at "The Fish Store". Now, you are probably wondering how we went from football to fish so let me explain. Jeff loves football, Jeff loves sports, but Jeff also loves African Malawi and Cichlids (as seen below). For about the past 3 months Jeff has been researching his new fish tank that he is going to create once we move into the new house. Researching fish is very time consuming and it also involves visiting fish stores frequently. However, this fish store was a little disappointing after he discovered only 4 tanks of the type of fish he is interested in. But wait....there are rocks to look at and when we came around the corner there was a whole treasure of rocks! All shapes, sizes, and colors and they were a lot cheaper than our store in Bellingham. Therefore, I think a trip to "The Fish Store" will be in my near future again. And just to clarify: while I like to give Jeff a hard time and tease him about his fish hobby I know our fish tank will be a gorgeous addition to our family room.

Back to our day in Seattle....after leaving "The Fish Store" we got to go to Whole Foods which is a place I love just because it is fun to walk around and see all the funky organic food. I am also amazed at how much people will pay for a all natural, grain fed, chicken breasts or organic animal crackers. Of course I understand the benefit to eating that type of food but you would have to have a large grocery store budget to shop there all of the time.

After a few more stops at various shopping places, our day ended with a delicious dinner at the Macaroni Grill. I love Italian food and Jeff likes it as long as there is a lot of flavor and neither one of us were disappointed with our dinner. They have this promotion going on when you make your own pasta so I got Whole wheat pasta with shrimp, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, and sun dried tomatoes topped with Pesto sauce. It was amazing and I hope I can recreate it here at home. Jeff ordered pasta with Italian sausage and mozzarella stuffed meatballs and a spicy tomato sauce (he threw in a few vegetables too). Both of them were so good we couldn't even finish them so we had them packaged up in to go containers thinking how good lunch will be on Sunday. Well, we finished our dinner and were on the freeway home when all of a sudden I realized that we left our yummy leftovers sitting on the table! We were both so bummed especially since this happens to us a lot. From now on the leftovers will go right by my purse. What a great weekend!

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