Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lowe's Adventure

Hopefully if all goes well, the Garner's will be home owners by the end of May!  We are so excited about having a yard for Ozzy (and Shadow) and a fire pit and patio for Jeff and I, an actual dining room where we can have people over and all sit in chairs (instead of the couch and an exercise ball), and lots of storage space for me to organize.   While we like our cozy apartment and will probably miss it, we are ready to have a home that is ours.  This past weekend we decided to go to Lowe's to look at paint, flooring, and kitchen cabinets, and I was thoroughly overwhelmed.  Now, I know why my mom and dad loved going to that really is like a toy store for adults.  I had no idea there were would be that many choices in paint color!   We decided to skip that section this visit and go for the lighting area where I could limit my choices to a much smaller group.  In the end, our brief trip to get some ideas turned into a complete 2 hour exploration of the store.   We had fun though and look forward to the day when we actually get to start buying and making the house our home. 

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