Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Welcome to the Garner family blog!

Hello everyone and thanks for visiting our site! I never thought I would be a blogger but have obviously changed my mind. We chose the name Team Garner because well, Jeff and I are big sports fans (mainly UW and Seahawk football). But really, on a more serious note, we believe that a strong marriage involves strong teamwork and Jeff and I strive to do that every day. Hopefully this will be a place for our close family and friends to follow along with our lives and read about what is happening up here in the far northwest corner of the country (the United States that is for our Canadian family). So feel free to bookmark this page and check back often. You probably won't ever see an entry made by Jeff but I won't say never because you never know. Therefore, entries will be writen by me and I am looking forward to it because ever since I learned how to write I remember having a diary (I even had one with a little lock) and I love being able to look back and read all of those entries. So, now that Jeff and I are coming up on our one year wedding anniversay (hard to believe that is here already!) and are getting ready to buy a house and start a family we decided this was the best way to stay connected. Enjoy!

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