Sunday, April 6, 2008

please paint the pink!

Welcome to our pink house!  I thought everyone would enjoy the scene before the house was painted.  Thankfully the owner is a professional painter and has included in the contract the painting of both the inside and outside.  Everyone has their own preferences and the owners of our house liked pink or should I say "salmon", but we prefer more warmer, cozy, neutral colors.  So drum role please.....the living and dining room are going to be "Travertine Trail" with two "Tropical Tan" accent walls.  Of course those color names don't tell you a lot but we will post more pictures when the paint goes up. 

Yesterday we spent our day browsing the furniture stores and found our dining room set so Thanksgiving is at our house for anyone who wants to travel to Bham!  And don't worry, we also found a very comfy sectional with plenty of seating to watch the football games.  So that was the fun part and this week we are back to the paperwork part of buying a house.  We aren't using a realtor so that has been the most overwhelming part but we are doing lots of research and are lucky to have some great friends to consult with.  The home inspection is on Tuesday and I will let you know how it goes. 

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