Sunday, June 24, 2012


Growing up one of my chores was to do the laundry.  I actually didn't mind being the one in charge because then at least I knew my clothes wouldn't shrink or turn colors like when my dad did it.  During this time I affectionately became known as Launderella, (Laundry + Cinderella = Launderella) and that nickname is being carried on by Little Launderella.

Her favorites are towels.  She starts with a pile like this....

and then gets straight to work by laying each one flat.  Then she folds them once, twice, and maybe three times before placing it carefully in the pile.

It's exhausting folding clothes

Time for a break to play with her carefully lined up animals.   She is definitely her mother's daughter and likes things neat and tidy. 

Back to folding

Almost done

All you go mommy!!!!!

Thanks Launderella, now there are two of us in the house!

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