Friday, May 18, 2012

Catching Up

I am so far behind in blogging and I really have no good excuse.  We have just been doing our thing and staying busy.  I am really going to try and catch up on the Garner family happenings but for now pictures will have to do.  

The sun has finally made an appearance and we get to wear these again
The girls love playing in water

and splashing in puddles

 Mothers day was spent at home playing in the backyard!  Jeff and Carly started the day by going to the store and getting a yummy breakfast treat and coffee.  Then we made a rare trip to Freddy's as a family.  Grocery shopping is usually done by me by myself but we were getting plants for the garden so we all decided to go.  And Jeff, being the fun daddy that he is, decided he would put the girls in one of those car carts that I ALWAYS avoid because they are not only big and hard to maneuver, but I am certain they are swimming with germs.  Of course the girls LOVED driving the cart and as I shopped I heard them throughout the store squealing with delight.  I am sure the other Sunday morning shoppers loved it.  haha

 Dressing up on a rainy day

Jeff finally has his Harley and is loving it! I have yet to go for a ride on it but hopefully that will happen soon. 

 My morning girl.  This was probably around 5:30 when she had the dolls all to herself because big sister was still sleeping. 

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