Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Days


We are having our first big winter snow event this week and the girls are having so much fun.  Of course it seems like it takes just as long to bundle them  as it does to actually play outside. 

Carly trying to wave bye to mommy even with all of her layers on

Sledding is so much fun, especially when mommy or daddy is pulling the sled.  Katie didn't love it at first but out little daredevil, Carly sure did.   

Then we built a snowman but Katie insisted on it being a snow lady because of a book we had recently been reading.  She is complete with her tiara and blue easter egg eyes.  

And no snow day is complete without some hot chocolate to finish it off. 

 And today we are on day three of our winter wonderland and the snow lady hasn't melted.  Since the weather people are calling for two more days of snow it looks like our friend is going to hang around for a while.

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