Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas with an Almost 3 Year Old...

equals a very busy, messy and loud, but happy household.    Katie is very into Christmas this year and is excited about everything.  This is the first year she really "gets" it which makes it more fun for Jeff and I.  And while Carly is interested in some things I think it is mostly because her big sister is.   I will do a more thorough update hopefully this week but for now I will leave with you some tidbits on what has been happening with us.

  • Katie wants to be an elf when she grows up and specifically the elf, Hermie from Rudolph. 
  • Katie's imagination has taken off and she has many stories to tell. Right now they mostly focus around Rudolph, Tink (aka Tinker Bell), Peter and Wendy.  
  • Carly is showing her personality more including some serious 1 year old tantrums including kicking and throwing herself on the floor to get my attention.  I seem to remember my mom telling me I used to cry until I passed out so we are lucky Carly hasn't taken after her mommy in that respect (at least not yet).
  • Both girls had their well child check ups last week and are both completely healthy and doing just fine. 
  • Christmas shopping is so much fun this year and I can't wait to see the girls faces when they see what Santa brought them.   And Santa better get busy because he still has to put that doll house together and hopefully he won't wait until Christmas Eve (hint hint daddy).  
Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! I will update with pictures as soon as things calm down a bit. 

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