Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vacation Time

Jeff and I are both on vacation this week and we are thoroughly ourselves.  We started the holiday week off by celebrating Thanksgiving with Linda and her family.  Linda and I met in 2006 when we walked in the Breast Cancer 3 Day together.  We became great friends and now she is like family to me.  Jeff got off work around 2:00 so we were able get to her house in time to enjoy a delicious meal together.  And of course the girls had a great time exploring a new home and charming all of the grown-ups.  Thank you Linda for making us part of your holiday tradition!  

The weekend continued with a birthday party at Jump Around Fun Zone which is an indoor bouncy house place.  I got my hand sanitizer ready and kept reminding myself that's what an immune system is for.   Monday was a beautiful sunny day so we took advantage of it and got the outdoor Christmas lights up.  Jeff We weren't paying attention and ended up starting with the wrong end of the strand.  Of course we didn't discover it until we were all finished and went to plug them in.  Luckily, our handy man next door, aka my father in law, figured out a fix with an extra extension cord he had lying around.  Problem solved and house decorated!

Now Jeff and I are getting ready for a two night getaway to Vancouver, BC.  We are leaving this morning and are so excited to have some much needed alone time together.  The girls are going to be well taken care of by Linda and Janice, another friend who is like family to us.  I will definitely miss them but I know they will be having a great time.  I also know that when you have young children it is easy to let your marriage become less of a priority.  These next three days we are going to put each other first and get some much needed time to reconnect.  Happy Vacation! 

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