Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Weekend (Part 1)

I was super excited for Christmas this year because this was the first time I felt like Katie really got it.  She understood what it was all about and talked about Santa, the decorations, the traditions, the reindeer food we made, her chocolate advent calendar, and of course Rudolph.  This will also be remembered not only as the doll house Christmas but the Rudolph one as well.  Katie's imagination took over and all of her stories revolved around Rudolph, Clarice, and the abominable snow monster who she insisted was "naughty". The first night we watched it she got scared and went into her bed.  After a daddy pep talk she came out and bravely said, "I'm ok now, daddy will protect me."

daddy and kt girl watching her favorite Christmas movie, "Rudolph"

I put a lot of pressure on myself this year because Katie is old enough to remember these special times and I wanted everything to be wonderful and super magical.   However, Christmas Eve morning after a great Jazzercise workout (more on that later), I realized that everyone feeds off of my mood and if I was stressed than they would pick up on that.  So, I took my hubby's advice, told myself it is what it is, and chose to embrace every little moment. 

Carly - 18 months

who knew boxes could be so much fun


While we continued with many of my favorite traditions from my childhood, we also started some new ones.  My favorite was making reindeer food for Rudolph and all of his friends.   I got the idea from another mommy blog and loved it.

We also got the girls comfy cozy and drove around looking at Christmas lights.  We made a stop at one of our very special friends house, the Karabias's. 

Santa's Little Helper with cowboy boots and Tink

Linda and Katie reading a story on Christmas Eve

my silly hubby and I after the girls went to bed and prior to night #2 of Operation Doll House

More Christmas photos and stories coming soon.....

Happy New Year everyone!  Stay safe!

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