Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quiet on the Homefront

It's back to school at Head Start which means I have been super busy at work.   Here at home we have been super busy here trying to get our shed/garage project finished before the fall rain hits.  And the girls have been needing a referee a lot more now that Carly is getting older and wants to play with Katie all of the time.  So  that is why you haven't seen a blog post in while.  By the end of my work days I am mentally exhausted and on my home days I am going in twenty different directions trying to get caught up from or ready for the next word day.  Now, it is 6:00am and Carly is still sleeping but probably won't be for long so I am just going to share some pictures from this past weekend.  Our good friends, The Shaw family celebrated a birthday for their 4 year old niece.  They had a bouncy house which Katie absolutely loved (it was the first time I let her jump in one) and Jeff bbq'd a couple pork shoulders.  It was a great time with great friends who are more like extended family for us. 

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